Craig Swoverland

Developer & Technologist

Hey there! I’m Craig. I’ve spent the last 16 years in the Information Technology industry with considerable experience in the support and web development areas. I’ve developed skills in leadership, project management, needs analysis, problem solving, and customer service and I’m ready to put those skills to work for your organization. If you don’t have…

Sarah Swoverland

Design & Layout

Hello! I’m Sarah, the graphic designer. With over 10 years of experience using industry standard design tools, my creative skills are backed with solid process. Experienced in typography, layout, design, and brand development, I am fully prepared to address the challenges that clients face today. I’d love to meet with you to discuss your needs!

GridWise Owl

Social Media Marketing & SEO

Hoot, Hoot! I don’t do much designing or anything, but I do reply to a lot of social media messages. I’ll also work to bring traffic to your website! Find me on Facebook or Instagram!